Ambassador of Lifelong Learning/ Public Libraries in Multicultural Society: The Case of Pakistan

Faiza Bashir


Cultural diversity is an asset, an added value, and an opportunity. Public libraries promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. They play dynamic roles as social meeting places. Public libraries in a culturally diverse society work as mediatorsbetween society, culture and users. Pakistani community is a mixture of different languages and cultures which have different dimensions’ and local cultural roots. This present research aims to draw a real picture of public library's role in the multicultural and digital society of Pakistani. The role of public libraries can be very vital. They can play a critical part in advocating multiplicity responsiveness, as they are responsible to provide resources to the public. They provide help and guide general public to accomplish the objective of social and monetary fairness and equity that at last will prompt a peaceful & flourishing society. To get the maximum benefits from the cultural awareness programs devoted efforts, sufficient funds, adequate training and total commitment are required from the top management to low management of public libraries of Lahore. Public libraries can play essential role to overcome the cultural gap in Pakistani society. The work serves as a source to develop concepts and best practices of multicultural library work for all librarians concerned with these issues. It will provide an opportunity for professionals, students, and library members to create new awareness and practice.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Lifelong learning: public library;cultural diversity; Pakistan.

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