Yeni Bir Yıl, Yeni Bir Sayı ve Taze Umutlar

Cem Özel


Spring is coming. Spring means a new issue and a new library week for us. The 52nd Library Week will be celebrated at the end of this March. In this context, the editorial shares some commends regarding the Library Week and our profession. After Library Week a forum will be arranged under the title of “A New Turn in Turkish Librarianship” which will be held in April 15 2016 at Ankara University. The new road map beginning with Web of Science (WoS) as a new process will be discussed with colleagues in the forum. The editorial also shares memoirs on Hilmi Çelik, the doyen of our profession who passed away in the last January and a brief information content of current issue. 

This issue is dedicated to the memory of all people who passed away their lives during terrorist attacks. With respect to their memoirs. 

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