Şükrü Nail Bayraktar -Autobiography (1932 Macedonia Tetovo -2019

Selçuk Aydın, Çev. Güler Demir


Nail Bayraktar, who was born in Tetovo, Macedonia in 1932, immigrated to Istanbul with his family when he was only 6 years old.He spent his childhood and youth years inFatih Karagümrükwhere he settled downin 1938 and lived thereduring his childhood and youth years,completinghis first, middle and high school yearsthere too.Bayraktar, who completed his military service as an artillery lieutenant in 1953, passed the civil service exam he tookin 1954 and started to work as a library clerk at the Süleymaniye Library in June 1954.Shortly after he started working in the library, he wanted to continue his higher education by enrolling intoIstanbul University,Faculty of Letters.Bayraktar, who stated that he could not attend the classes enough due to his heavy workload and that he tried to continue his education as much as he couldduring his entitled leave periods taken in exchange for weekends guarding, married Miss Nimet, who, like himself, devoted herself to this profession.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Şükrü Nail Bayraktar

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