Kayıp Kitaplar Kütüphanesi

Mehmet Ali Akkaya


Alexander Pechmann has taken up his pen to introduce the “Library of Lost Books” with its “librarian of the lowest grade” and its “watchman of silence.” The book  has found a place among the most of popular books in the world of international literature, but somehow has not been published or had a chance to find its readers in Turkey until now; it is a book that follows the trail of books and on every page teaches interesting things related to the universal world of books. The author creates a fantastic library of books that because of their writers’ choices or misfortunes have not been able to meet their readers and places these “unfortunate” books into their own special classifications according to what they have experienced. Pechmann makes the reader a partner in a narrative filled with humor related to the books’ world. As the reader reads the “lost” books’ story, with the book in hand just as it is experienced (and this book joins the class of “books read for pleasure”), the feeling of being part of the adventure of the disappearance of the book increases, as does the regard the reader feels for the book and the world of the book.

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